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***Made a List Refuting EVERY CHRISTIAN OR ATHEIST and EVERY SHIA Islamic claim Anti Islamic Website, Every Anti-Islamic critic, Every Islamophobic website, Every Oreintalist claims, etc in the links section. I know there are several of Anti Islamic websites out there, but it's not worth our time to refute every single Anti Islamic website. Most of their arguements have been refuted and most of the arguements against Islam are emotional or subjective and it's not worth my time refuting all these critics non sense. You meet some insane haters of Islam who use subjective or emotional arguements against Islam on the internet, but my advice is not to waste time with these people, ignore it and walk away as the Quran states (Quran 6:68). I also want to state that even if Islam, the Quran or Prophet Muhammad (p say something that is contrary to the Bible, the Hindu Vedas Scriptures or the Buddist scriptures or any other scripture, why should we Muslims care if that is the case? Has it proven that the Bible is 100% of God and Historically accurate in everything? No. Same with the Vedas or other Religious scriptures. None of these scriptures have been proven to be true or the words of God. Also are links refuting the Christian concept of Trinity, Bart Ehrman's Books online, etc. See it here.  I have also made a list refuting other relgions as well such as Atheism-Agnosticism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jannism, Tao, other sects of Christianity like Mormonism, Jevoah's Witnesses, etc. Also I have Refuted 99% of ALL THE CRITICISM AGAINST PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) BY CRITICS AND ISLAMOPHOBES. SEE IT HERE. Soon there will be more Youtube Videos added and I will update the "Debates" links. Good stuff stay tuned! Working on finally finishing this website. 


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1/17/2017 I did an interview with Dr. Richard Carrier world famous atheist activist and historian. It can be viewed here

3/3/2013 Found a PDF of Jerald F. Dirks Book "The Cross and the Crescent". You can read it here. 

9/5/2012 Updated the Crucifixion section of this website.  

9/1/2012 Bart Ehrman's Newest Book "Forged" is now online. Read it here

8/30/2012 Added a New Video: Problems with Ibn Ishaq and Al-Tabari 2. See it here

7/21/2012 Added Refuting Allegations Against the Quran's perservation in the Quran section. 

10/18/2011 Added the video Is Paul a True Apostle of Jesus? Nope Part 1 of 4. 9/27/2011 If anyone is trying to contact me, I apologize all my emails have been disabled for some reason. Stay tuned I should have a new email soon. 

9/21/2011 Added a new Video: Ehteshaam Gulam's Response to Farhan Qureshi's Apostasy Part 2 to the video section. I made this in response to David Wood putting my first video on his blog.  This video deals with Christian Hatemonger David Wood and why I call him a nutcase, his lackeys Mary Jo Sharp and Nabeel Qureshi, and the pathological Liar James White. Check it out. Also I don't have an Email yet, so hold your questions for later. 

9/15/2011  Added a new Video: Satanic Verses: A False Story about the Prophet Muhammad to the Video section. 

8/7/2011 Added a new Video to the Videos Section: Ehteshaam Gulam's Thoughts on Farhan Qureshi's Apostasy from Islam. Check it out. More Videos to come, Inshallah. 

7/8/2011 Salams, I apologize for not being able to update for a while. I am working on a series of videos called "The End of Christianity and the Rise of Islam". These videos Inshallah will finally refute Christianity and annoying Christian apologists hate mongering of Islam for good. I am also working on a series of Videos called "The Evidence for Islam". Inshallah these videos will prove Islam to be the only true religion and will also refute Atheism for good. Meanwhile I have a new email address which you can check out in the About Ehteshaam section. I also updated the videos section. Inshallah my goal is for my Muslim readers to post these videos everywhere on the internet  (Christian Apologists facebook pages, websites, Internet forums, Christian fourms etc)--- thus with these videos Anti Islamic Critics will be silenced for good. It's important to get the message out... because Christian apologists have annoyed me for the last time. Also updated the Videos page. Good stuff ahead stay tuned Inshallah!   4/5/2010 Updated the Links section. 3/28/2010 Added the article Evidence that Jesus is Not God/Divine son of God in the Who was Jesus section.

3/16/2011 FINALLY got done with school and had some time so I updated the article False Stories and misconceptions about Prophet Muhammad in the Muhammad section.12/18/2010 Last month I gave a lecture about Prophet Muhammad. Check it out here. Also I wanted my readers to know that I have a youtube page where I refute and expose Christian Apologists on Christianity and Islam. Check it out here. In another note I updated the Videos and About Ehteshaam page. 12/18/2010 Salams all, I apologize for not being able to update for a while, I just transferred from Eastern Michigan University to Wayne State University, had a lot going on, and have been extremely busy with school work, family and friends. Anyways Inshallah I will update more. Expect more essays and articles on Evidence for the spiritual resurrection of Jesus, Prophecies of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Problems with Al-Tabari and more. 9/13/2010 Added The Article Scientific Miracles/Evidence for the Quran: The Quran mentions where the Lowest Land Is to the Evidence for the Quran and Evidence for Islam section. 9/10/2010 To My Muslim Brothers and Sisters: EID MUBARAK. Enjoy it and may Allah give us many more in the future. 8/23/2010 Added 1 Corinthians 8:6 Does This Verse say Jesus is Lord, God to the Who Was Jesus section. 8/23/2010 Updated False Stories About Prophet Muhammad in the Muhammad section. Take a look. ALSO added a New Section Videos in Which I completely destroy "Dr" James White in regards to Who Was Jesus. 8/21/2010 Added the Article: More Responses to the Ramblings of James White: His Dishonesty, faked degrees and outright Non Sense Exposed! To the Polemic Rebuttals section. 8/21/2010 Added the Article: Dude Where is My Scholarship: A Response to the Polemics of James White To the Polemics section. 8/06/2010 FINALLY able to update my site. Added The Jewish Tribes of Medinah to the Muhammad section. 7/31/2010 Sorry for the delay have been busy with work and trying to head back to school. Anyways massive updates coming soon, stay tuned. 4/28/2010 Added the Article Fictional Stories About Prophet Muhammad: The Satanic Verses to the Muhammad section. 4/14/2010 Added The Quran in Chronological Order in The Quran section. 

4/05/2010 Added the Article  Time Line of Important Events in Prophet Muhammad’s Life in the Muhammad section. Also added Names and Places3/29/2010 Added Introduction to the Hadith in the Introduction to Islam page. Also updated The Libray and References page. 

3/27/2010 Sorry for the delay I have been very busy with school, work, my Mosque, friends, family etc. I'll try to do more updates weekly. Anyways added Answering Atheist Hate Monger: Ibn Warraq to the Polemic Rebuttals section. Check it out. 

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 Introduction To Islam 
In this essay, Ehteshaam explains Islam to non Muslims and introduces what Muslims believe and what Islam teaches. A must read for people who are unfamiliar  with Islam and Muslims. 
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