Islam and Terrorism

Does Islam support Terrorism? Is Islam peaceful? This essay attempts to answer those questions.

                                      By Ehteshaam Gulam

What is Jihad? also see here
Ehteshaam Analyzes what Jihad means in Arabic and how Muslims use and think of the word.

What does Islam have to say about war and captives?
Ehteshaam analyzes what Islam has to say about war and warfare and how people are suppose to be treated in war.

The Early Muslims in Arabia
Ehteshaam tells the story of Muslims in Arabia, and what they had to go through when fighting in wars. Ehteshaam also explains why Prophet Muhammad and the early Muslims went to war with the Meccans and other enemy tribes.

What does Islam have to say about Terrorism, War, Suicide Bombing, Collateral Damage, Women in Battle and Limits?
Ehteshaam analyzes what Islam really has to say about these things and what everyone needs to know about the "70-virgins-waiting-for-you-in-heaven" myth.

Is Islam peaceful? Can Islam go along with freedom of speech and religion?
Ehteshaam analyzes Islam's peaceful face and what Islam really has to say about the freedom of speech and religion.

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