Who Was Jesus?
Who Was Jesus? God incarnate? The Son of God? The Messiah? A human?  This essay attempts to answer who Jesus really was and why Islam got Jesus right.

                                         By Ehteshaam Gulam
FOR MATERIALS ON REFUTING THE TRINITY SEE HERE. Also for Refuting the Trinity see these Videos here. To see proof that Jesus is not divine see here
Evidence that Jesus is not God/ Divine Son of God
This article provides evidence from the New Testament that Jesus is not divine or the divine son of God.

Christianity and Islam's views on Jesus
Ehteshaam analyzes Christianity's and Islam's views on Jesus and who is more closer to the real historical Jesus.

The Jewish Messiah and Jesus (2009)
Ehteshaam Gulam explains why Jesus could not have been the Jewish Messiah and the complete failure of the arguement shown by Christians and Jews for Jesus converts. Ehteshaam also explains who the Jewish Messiah is.

Jesus in Early Christianity (Coming soon!)
Ehteshaam examines Jesus in early Christianity and notes several Early Christian groups who had the same or a close view of Jesus as Islam does.