More Responses to the ramblings of James White:
His dishonesty, faked degrees and out right non sense exposed!

Ehteshaam Gulam

Like I said, James White never ceases to amaze me. I have recently asked him the following questions:

1) are constatnly dishonest about Bart Ehrman. I don't think you have properly read Bart Ehrman's works.
2) Where the word trinity is in the New Testament. Show me anything un-Jewish about Paul's ideology about Jesus christology.
3) and show me a first manuscript of the New Testament in the first century.
4) Show me where the Quran confirms the Entire Bible
5) Think you know Islam and have obtained our best materials when in fact our best materials are written in Arabic--- a language you don't know anything of?

James White response: Nothing. I gave him an oppurunity to refute me when I am ready--- yet he refuses! This would have been a perfect oppurunity for him to refute me yet he didn't do it. Why is running away from this challegne? This would have been a perfect time to expose me if he was truthful rather he refuses to engage in a proper dialouge with me. 

Here is James White response to me:

Sir...stop.  I have no interest in your ramblings.  You are proving my point over and over again. 

james (From: James White  <>)

I laughed and responded:

As you have proven my point, sir. Your dishonest, unscholarly, and don't have the credentials to speak about Islam--- because you don't know Arabic.
Don't worry I am going to make sure everyone sees this email... White refuses to engage in converstations with prepared Muslim apologist.

Good day sir!

Ehteshaam Gulam (From ehteshaam gulam <>)

James White made the insinuation that I don't know Bart Ehrman--- yet I gave Dr.White an oppurunity to refute me-- yet he never did! Bart Ehrman agrees with with what a lot of what Muslim apologist say about the New Testament, the Historical Jesus, etc. Yet "Dr" White refuses to be honest when talking about Dr. Ehrman. This proves my point--- that Dr. White is dishonest.

Also The fact that he refuses to answer my questions shows that he is unscholarly, unprofessional and does not have the proper credentials to speak about Islam--- since he doesn't know Arabic.

In other words, the dishonesty and outright lying of James White is starting to annoy me. When it come to checking his facts and honesty---- he doesn't want to do that. But don't take my word for it. Other Muslims have exposed James White academic dishonesty:

But it gets more interesting------ because James White faked his degree. As one comment on Youtube said:

"James White is an absolute fraud and an unrepentant liar. His "degree" is fraudulent and bought from a rumor mill called Faraston Theological Seminary (has been renamed since). This "university" is a rented room on the second floor of an office building. Don't take my word for it, look it up; there are websites on it."

Of course I looked up this claim--- it's true. James White does indeed have a fake degree:

Of course had I known of James White's academic dishonesty and faked degrees I would have never had a discussion with him. In me trying to become a scholar--- I can't put up with cheats like men like him.

In conclusion, James White's arguements about Islam and Christianity are "not worth listening to".