Polemic Rebuttals
Answering False Allegations aganst Islam, Muslims and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Index to the Claims againist Prophet Muhammad
Ehteshaam lists all the criticisms againist Prophet Muhammad and will answer them shortly.
Answering Atheist Hate Monger Ibn Warraq
Ehteshaam reviews the Islamic apostate Ibn Warraq's work and why it can't be taken seriously.

Dude Where is My Scholarship: A Response to James White's Polemics 
Ehteshaam comments on James White--- and why James White knows
nothing about Islam--- or even his own religion, Christianity.

More Responses to the Ramblings of James White: His dishonesty, faked degrees, and outright non sense exposed
More exposure of James White. I found out this man has a faked degree--- thus this adds to my claim that James White is a dishonest "academic". Also James White refuses to answer my allegations about him--- because I am right.

Arabs/Jewish/Prophet Muhammad's Connection to Abraham
Ehteshaam Gulam examines and proves the connection of the Jews and Arabs to Abraham, the friend of Allah Almighty.

Debunking Robert Spencer's Fantasies about Islam (2009)
Here Ehteshaam analyzes the problems of Robert Spencer's sources for Islam and cites all the negative reviews his peers say about him. Also I provide links to rebuttals to his book, the Truth About Muhammad: The Founder of the World's most intolerant religion published in 2006.

Rebuttals to Robert Spencer's Book: The Truth about Muhammad (2009)
Here Ehteshaam Gulam lists several problems with Robert Spencer's book, his disregard for Muslim scholarship, his citing of what Muslims deem to be false stories about the Prophet and his allegations of borrowings and rape of the Women of Banu Mustaliq.

My Responses to Julie Worthey: A Christian Woman with a Holier than Thou Attitude.
Here Ehteshaam Gulam responds to a Christian woman critic of Islam and shows her inconsistency, lack of manners and disregard for truth.