My Repsonses to Julie Worthey: A Christian Woman with a Holier than thou

Ehteshaam Gulam

Christian apologists always make me laugh. There are very few Christian apologists that I take seriously. Recently A Christian woman, Julie Worthey tried to pick a fight with me. That's fine I don't mind that. But this woman is soo ignorant and hateful towards Islam, I just felt the need to respond to her on my website. Of course not all Christian women are nasty. Like Mary Jo Sharp-- I don't have any problems with her. Anyways here's my responsesto this womans allegations.

... if your sincere intent is fruitful dialogue, Ehteshaam, then can't you, or those you represent, ever come up with an example within THIS DECADE -or even this CENTURY - of any acts of Christians as a whole, that you believe match the low-life barbaric savagery of the islamic movement that you herald???!!! and please don't waste my time with examples of individual derelicts who CLAIM to be Christian (anyone can do that) - those demented ones and their actions are unequivocally DENOUNCED by true Christians....

My Response: Well hate to break it to you, Julie, but ever heard of the wide spread practice in certain areas of Catholic South America? Familes sell their
teenage daugthers into white slavery and try to pass it off as a representation of Roman Caholicism. Moreover just look at your buddy Pat Robertson recently.
Let me provide a youtube video link of his outrageous comments. Let me just say that Keith Olbermann owned Pat Robertson's life. Moreover you claim that
Islam is low life barbaric savagery. Well, if that's true, why do Muslim countries have the lowest crimes while America, allegedly being a Christian nation (even
though all the Founding Fathers were NOT Christians) has the highest amount of crime? Drugs, alcholism, prositution, racism are all over in America. And we're
barbaric? Come on, Julie. Just look at your own "American White" culture. The truth is, we have morals. You don't.

much to the contrary - those who have been indoctrinated and misled in the islamic religion -the TRULY ignorant- applaud the so called "radical" muslims (who are in fact carrying out what your "holy" book teaches) ... they are upheld as HEROES, with supposed "moderate" muslims dancing in the streets to celebrate these COWARDS flying planes into buildings, hiding in orphanages and hospitals - using children as human shields - strapping bombs on kids and mentally ill individuals and sending them into crowds of people, only to detonate the bombs from their dark little cowardly hiding place, and then slithering away like the snakes they are.... is THAT a noble and successful "calling"... how about attacking a MINIVAN with a mother and her children - GUNNING DOWN an innocent toddler STRAPPED in his CAR SEAT!!... THIS you defend, and HONOR??... THIS, you consider "DECENT" ???.... are you seriously not ashamed??? .... and is it truly your best effort in justifying your disdain for Christians, to point out acts that were perpetrated centuries ago???.... since your eternal destiny hangs in the balance - surely you can come up with something better than that.

My Response: Islam does not support Terrorism. I challenge any Christian or critic of Islam to prove this allegation. As for what she is saying about Muslims-- true-- there
are bad Muslims out there. The practices of honor killings, terrorism in the Middle East, the subjugation of women, killing of civilian non-combantants are not representatives
of the Islamic faith. Moreover Christians still do bizzarre things in the name of their faith (not necessarily slavery) today. Bombing abortion clinics, etc.

But it get's worse. For example did you know that Hitler was a Bible believing Christian? But Hitler did not invent Jew Killing, Christians did. Hitler, being a man of small mentality, was unable to shake off his Christian heritage and went about this ancient Christian sport with twentieth Century efficiency. Then we have the Church, pledged not to shed blood, launching the bloody crusades wherein crusaders attacked Christian and heathen alike. Watch the holy Christian soldiers pour into Jerusalem, slaughtering men and women, Christians, Moslems, and Jews, rejoicing that they have fulfilled their pledge to Jesus. 

"...muslims never beat their slaves..." ... hmmm - but beating their wives.... "honor" killings.... THIS is acceptable and NOBLE in your estimation (oh, and this is still happening TODAY - not centuries ago).... there are MANY forms of slavery..... i would bank on the fact that about 99.9% of muslim women would LOVE to be "set free and honored" as other muslim slaves were, according to you....

My Response: Yes, we have bad Muslims-- just like you have Bad Christians (cough Pat Robertson, Sam Shamoun cough). However wife beating is not allowed
in Islam, please read this

and btw, CHRISTIANS led the fight AGAINST slavery in this country - just as we continue to be on the front lines TODAY in combating slavery around the world.... and it was THE LORD JESUS CHRIST thru His people, who overcame that evil as precedent here in America, and it will be THE LORD who overcomes that and ALL evils in the world - including those evils perpetrated by those who embrace your religion.... and just as in Nineveh, He will do it thru grace, mercy and love. ..... His kindness will draw many more to repentance.... i only hope that i can be a tool in HIS hand, as He does His great work... and for this, i need much more of His heart and patience.... and love and compassion.... thankfully, He is patient with me as well hahaha.......

My Response: Well, not really. Many Christians still have slaves in Africa, etc. Moreover Jesus never once forbid slavery in the Gospels but we have many
examples of Prophet Muhammad and the Quran telling others to free slaves.

you are HIS creation, and for that reason i will pray for you - that your eyes be opened, and that you come to a saving knowledge of the LORD Jesus Christ....

My Response: First prove your faith. Prove to me that Jesus is God and he was resurrected. Then I'll believe in your "lord and savior".

In the end, Christian apologists whether woman or man have nothing against Islam.