The Index to the Criticisms against Prophet Muhammad.

23 years: A Study of the Great Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
From Mecca to Madinah: A Study of the Criticims by Non-Muslims againist Prophet Muhammad

Ehteshaam Gulam

Below is a list of all the criticisms againist Prophet Muhammad by the critics of Islam. All these topics relate to the Question whether Muhamamd is a true Prophet.
Inshallah soon I will refute all these allegations. However if there is any Muslim Debater out there who would like to debate is Muhammad a Prophet Of God, they
should study the refutations of the below allegations and focus on the 5 pieces of evidence for Prophet Muhammad, at the bottom.

The Four False stories of Ibn Ishaq
- The Killing of Abu Afak by the Command of Prophet Muhammad
- The Killing of Asama Bin Marwan by the Command of Prophet Muhammad
- The Torture of Kinnana with fire for finding treasure by Prophet Muhamamd
- The Killing of the Meccan Ten

- The Satanic Verses Story: Why it is false

- Sexual intercourse with Captives: What Islam really says about Sex with Captives,

- The false story of Zaniab bint Jash, the truth behind the marriage.

- Juwairiyah: The truth behind the marraige

- Slavery in Islam: What Islam has to say about Slavery, how Slaves are to be treated, etc.

- The age of Aisha when married to the Prophet

- The More than four wives: Why did the Prophet have more than four wives?

- Black Magic done on the Prophet Muhamamd: The Curing the Prophet from Angels

- Kab-- the Jew, why he was killed

- Certain Hadith Issues
* Fly in the drink * 90 foot tall Adam
* Satan in the nose   * The Well of Gibarah 
* Satan and Yawning * Sun proserates beneth the earth

- The Killing of Abdullah bin Salul, why was he killed

- The Raiding of the Caravans, the Early Muslims were kicked out of Mecca and all their possessions were sold by Abu Safyan. The Muslims went after it
for survival.

- Proof of Early Muslims and Prophet Muhamamd being kicked out of Mecca from the hadith, Abu Bakr and Umar getting sick.

- The Issues of the sources of Islam
- The Ibn Ishaq stories: Early but reliable? As Bassam Zawadi says "just because something is early, doesn't mean its reliable. It has to be early and Reliable."
- Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, etc
- Ibn Sa'd, Al-Aaqidi, Ibn Hisham, etc

- The issue and context of "Demon" possession and Angel Gabriel first visting him. False Sucidial stories in Ibn Ishaq and Bukhari.

Did Prophet Muhammad have a motive to fabricate Islam?
* Did Prophet Muhamamd fabricate Islam for wealth, money?
* Did the Prophet fabricate Islam to have many wives?
* Did Prophet Muhammad fabricate Islam for unity of the Arabs?
* Did the Prophet fabricate Islam because he had a big ego?

-Are Arabs Ishmaelite: Are the Arabs and Jews connected?

-Alleged Pre Islamic influences

-Prophet Muhammad(P)'s Night Journey and Ascension to Heaven

-Alleged Scientific Errors in the Quran

-Evidences for Prophet Muhammad being a true Prophet

* Miracles of Prophet Muhammad
* Prophcies of Prophet Muhamamd
* Scientific Miracles of the Quran
* Doctrine of Islam: Worship One God, A Biblical Teaching.
* Prophet Muhammad foretold in the Bible
* The Quran says the Bible is corrupt, Today Scholars of the Bible say the say thing. Scholarship has shown that the Bible has been badly corrupted
edited and distorted over time. Moreover Most of the Biblical books have unknown authors (especially the New Testament)