Ehteshaam examines the life of Muhammad, his struggles, his mission, false stories about him and his accomplishments. Ehteshaam also adresses several misconceptions of Prophet Muhammad and proves that Prophet Muhammad was foretold in the Bible and that Muhammad IS the final Prophet of God. 
To see the wisdom and moral teachings of the Prophet Muhammad see here

Brief Biography of Prophet Muhammad
Who was Muhammad? What did he do for Arabia? Ehteshaam gives a brief biography of Prophet Muhammad and his accomplishments.

Timeline of Important Events in Prophet Muhammad's Life

Names and Places of Prophet Muhammad's Life

Introduction to the Hadith
Ehteshaam explains what the hadith are and why are they are the most trusted sources for Prophet Muhammad's life.
Polemic Rebuttals
Here Ehteshaam Responds to all the polemical accusations against Prophet Muhammad and explains why we should judge Prophet Muhammad according to his time and not modern times. 

Prophet Muhammad and Wealth: Did Muhammad make up Islam for Wealth and Money?
It is commonly said by critics of Islam and Oreintalists that Prophet Muhammad made up or fabricated Islam for the sake of getting rich and for wealth. Ehteshaam Gulam debunks this false claim and proves that Prophet Muhammad lived and died as a poor man. This was probably the most moving article, I ever wrote, I had tears a some points.

False Stories about Prophet Muhammad (2011)
Ehteshaam Gulam lists and Debunks almost every false story and misconception about Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and tells why they are false and can't be trusted. Almost every arguement against Prophet Muhammad which Anti-Islamic critcs use is shown and debunked.

Fictional Stories About Prophet Muhammad: The Satanic Verses (2010)

Fictional Stories about Prophet Muhammad: Zaid, Zanyab and Prophet Muhammad (2010)
Problems with Ibn Ishaq's Sirat Rasoul Allah and other Early Sources of Islam (2009)
Ehteshaam examines the problems with  Ibn Ishaq's biography of Prophet Muhammad. He also examines the problems of Al-Waqidi, Ibn Sa'd and other early Sources of Islam and Prophet Muhammad and why they can't be trusted. He concludes that Bukhari and Muslim got most of their hadith (sayings and actions of Prophet Muhamamd) right while Ibn Ishaq got most of his stories about Prophet Muhammad wrong and why we shouldn't trust Ibn Ishaq's biography of the Prophet to be 100% true.

Jalal Abdulrub on the Unreliability of Ibn Isahq
Jalal Abdulrub shows and quotes scholars who condemn Ibn Ishaq's biography of the Prophet. Jalal makes a lot of good points. This information can be found in his new book
the Prophet Of Mercy.

The Jewish Tribes of Medinah
Ehteshaam Gulam reports what really happened to the Jewish Tribes of Medinah and how Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) really dealt with the Jewish tribes of Medinah. Clears up a lot of anti Islamic polemic against the Prophet.

What was Aisha's Real Age?
Here Ehteshaam Proves that Aisha was not a nine-year-old girl at the time of her marriage to Prophet Muhamamd and proves the hadith which say so to be false.

Juwarriya: The Truth Behind the Marriage to the Prophet 
Ehteshaam Gulam exposes the myths and fairy tales of the marriage and why the Prophet Muhammad married Juwarriya and that Juwarriya was not forced into the
marriage as some Islamic critics allege.

Miracles of Prophet Muhammad (2009)
Ehteshaam collects from authentic sources Prophet Muhammad's various miracles, which prove he is a Prophet of God. 

What Historians say about Muhammad
What did Prophet Muhammad accomplish? What do historians say about Muhammad? Ehteshaam analyzes the life and mission of Prophet Muhammad in a historical setting. 

Muhammad in the Bible
Is Muhammad (the Prophet of Islam) foretold in the Bible? Ehteshaam analyzes certain Biblical Prophecies that foretell the coming of the Prophet Muhammad and concludes that yes Muhamamd was indeed foretold in the Bible.
Prophet Muhammad and Slavery  
Did Prophet Muhammad have slaves? Does Islam encourage Slavery? What about Sex with Captives and Slaves? Does Islam allow that? Did Prophet Muhamamd have women slaves as some Anti-Islamic writers say? Ehteshaam examines and debunks all these false claims, and proves Prophet Muhammad did not have slaves.