Chronology of Prophet Muhammad’s Life
                                    Time Line of Important Events in Prophet Muhammad’s Life

Ehteshaam Gulam

570 C.E. Muhammad is born in Mecca

595 C.E. Muhammad marries Khadija, who later becomes the first

610 C.E. Muhammad receives what he comes to believe is his first visitation
from the angel Gabriel and revelation from Allah

613 C.E. Muhammad begins preaching Islam publicly in Mecca

615 C.E. Friction with the Quraysh causes some Muslims to leave Arabia
for Abyssinia

619 C.E.  Khadija dies

620 C.E. The Night Journey Prophet Muhammad  is  carried from Mecca to Jerusalem and then travels to
the heavens and meets the previous prophets (Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, etc).

622 C.E. The Hijra: Muhammad and the Muslims flee from Mecca to Medina

624 C.E. The Nakhla raid. These raids were not solely designed to exact revenge from the people who had rejected the Prophet who had arisen among them. They served a key economic purpose, keeping the Muslim movement solvent.

624 C.E.  The Battle of Badr: the Muslims overcome great odds to defeat the pagan Meccans

624 C.E.  Muhammad and the Muslims besiege the Jewish Qaynuqa
tribe and exile them from Medina

625 C.E.  The Battle of Uhud: the pagan Meccans defeat the Muslims

625 C.E.  Siege and exile from Medina of the Jewish Nadir tribe

627 C.E. The Battle of the Trench: the Jewish Qurayzah tribe betrays

627 C.E. The Execution the males of the Qurayzah tribe and
enslaves the women and children by Sa’d Ibn Mutab

628 C.E.  Muhammad concludes the Treaty of Hudaybiyya with the
pagan Meccans

628 C.E.  Prophet Muhammad and the Muslims besiege the Khaybar oasis and
exile the Jews from it.

630 C.E.  Muhammad and the Muslims conquer Mecca

630 C.E.  The Muslims prevail in the Battle of Hunayn and conquer
Ta'if; Muhammad becomes the ruler of Arabia

631 C.E.  The Arabian tribes remaining outside Islamic rule accept

631 C.E. the expedition to Tabuk

632 C.E.  Muhammad dies in Medina on June 8, 632 CE