Paul of Tarsus

Who was Paul? Did he preserve the message of Jesus or distort it? Was he accepted by the disciples or Not? Was he really a disciple of Jesus? This page attempts to answer those questions and states the problems with Paul.

                                            Ehteshaam Gulam

It's a historical fact that Paul never met Jesus or witnessed any of the events of his life. Paul used to persecute Jesus disciples but on his road to Damascus he expierenced some sort of mass halucination -- I am sorry-- "Spiritual vision" of the risen Jesus. He is responsible for transforming the Jewish sect of Christianity into a gentile world religion.
Who Was Paul (2008, 2009)
Dr. Holkerboer, a friend and former professor of Ehteshaam Gulam, explains who Paul was in this introductory article.

Problems with Paul (three parts)
Ehteshaam examines the minstry of Paul of Tarsus and why Paul's teachings go aganist the teachings of Jesus. Ehteshaam also highlights the problems with Paul had with the original disciples of Jesus and how and why Paul's Version of Christianity beat out the Jewish Christians-- that included the very disciples of Jesus.

Pauline Corruption of Biblical Analysis
This is an essay by Douglas J. Tel Dondos. Its an interesting piece on the "corruption" done by Paul on various tenets on Christianity. Pretty good stuff (links off site).