Library and References
List of classical books on Christianity and Islam and References used on this website. Also includes a list of further reading.

  • Jearald F. Dirks
  • Reza Aslan
  • Karen Armstrong
  • Bart Ehrman
  • Laurance Brown
  • Burton Mack
  • David Starauss
  • Wilhelm Wrede
  • Albert Kalthoff
  • Richard Carrier
  • G.A. Wells
  • Randel Helms
  • Kee, H.C. Young, F.W. and Froelich, K


 Online Articles

The Pagan Origins of the Resurrection

By the Way-- these Books are on Google Books.. so you can preview them-- but can't fully read them due to copyrights---

I don't necessarily agree with everything these authors write on Christianity or Islam, but still these authors and their books provide valubable scholarship on certain topics regarding the Bible, The Crucifixion, the Quran, the New Testament, etc. More coming Summer 2009!