Scientific Evidence for the Quran: The Quran mentions where the Lowest Land on Earth is

         Ehteshaam Gulam

Original Arabic Translations

Original Arabic Text
Of Quran 30:1-3:

Transliteration: Alif-lam-meem Ghulibati alrroomu Fee adna al-ardi wahum min baAAdi ghalabihim sayaghliboona (Quran 30:1-3)

Correction English Translation from the Arabic: Alif, Lam, Mim. The Romans have been defeated in the lowest land, but after their defeat they will be victorious within three to nine years.(Qur'an, 30:1-3)

Some Translators of the Quran such as Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Mohammad Picktall, etc have trasnalted the Arabic Word Adna al-Ardi as nearer land. While this is correct, this is not the literal meaning of adna al-ardi. This word, Adna means Lowest. So the correct and literal meaning of adna al-ardi is lowest land and not near land as some translators have translated.

The Quran is telling us that the Romans were defeated by the Persians in the lowest area on Earth, which was of course the Dead Sea Shore in Jerusalem. Basically the Quran is telling us that the lowest point on the face of the earth is the Dead Sea Shore in the Jerusalem area.

Pictures of the Dead Sea Area as the lowest point on earth

Science Confirmed

Today it is confirmed that the Lowest point on the earth is the Dead Sea Shore. If you have a topographical globe - topographical globes show the elevations and depressions of the earth - and if you look at where is the lowest point on the earth, you will see that that is around the Jerusalem area. That is the lowest point on the earth. So, the Romans were in fact defeated at Jerusalem, and that is the lowest point on the earth according to the Quran.

The lowest point on land on earth is at the Dead Sea, on the border of Jordan and Israel. The Dead Sea lies at 1,312 feet (400 meters) below sea level.

Nobody 1400 years ago knew where the lowest land on earth is. In fact only recently have People discovered that the lowest point on earth is in fact the Dead Sea Shore/ Jerusalem area using satellite technology.


How could an illiterate Man like Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) know where the lowest land was? Again nobody 1400 years ago knew where the lowest point on earth was. No ancient book (like the Bible, Hindu Books, or ancient Roman/Greek works) mentions the Dead Sea/Jerusalem area as the lowest point on earth. Yet the Quran mentions this. This is proof that the Quran is the word of Allah and there is something supernatural and unique about this book. 

Subhanallah, This is a unique miracle of the Quran!

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