Does God Exist? Did Jesus Exist? Were we created or did we evolve from Ape-Like Ancestors? Is the Bible and Quran true when they say certain people existed and certain situations came to pass? Ehteshaam Gulam attempts to explain why we really shouldn't trust the Bible or Christian claims about certain things, and why Islam is more reasonable and provable than Christianity and the Bible.

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Does God Exist?

   Here Ehteshaam analyzes whether God exists or Not. All sides of the arguement.

Scientific Accuracies in the Quran vs. Scientific Errors in the Bible

   Here Ehteshaam analyzes the Quran and the Bible in the light of modern science. He concludes that the Bible is not the word of God and can't really be proven.

Interesting Christian Claims

   Here Ehteshaam analyzes and debunks certain Christian Claims about Christianity.

Did Jesus Exist?

   Here Ehteshaam gives his thoughts on the existence of Jesus.

Can Muslims believe in Evoultion? Is there evidence for Evolution or Creationism?

   Here Ehteshaam analyzes the claims for both Evolution and Creationism. Ehteshaam concludes that its allowed for Muslims to believe in Evolution despite what Muslim Fundamentalists and "Fatwas" might say.