Ehteshaam Gulam's Lecture About Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him)

New! Ehteshaam Gulam's Thoughts on Farhan Qureshi's Apostasy

Video Rebuttals to Anti Islamic Claims:

The Problems with Ibn Ishaq and Al Tabari

Video Rebuttals to David Wood

Does Romans 8:11 Imply a Phyiscal Resurrection? A Response to David Wood  Video Rebuttals to Mary Jo Sharp

Video Rebuttals to James White

I have added several Video Rebuttals to "Dr" James White (I say "Dr" Because James White faked his degree). Since White Refuses to allow me to post my prepared, professional and scholarly refutations to his video, I will make sure my readers see my responses to the unschoarly and polemics of James White:

 Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

His Bogus and Fake PhD Exposed:

More Coming Soon Inshallah!