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 Ahmed Deedat Debates
Ahmed Deedat was probably one of the best Muslim Debaters ever. He won every single debate he got involved with. He proved that Jesus is not God and that Jesus wasn’t crucified (All Islamic Theology on Jesus) all from the Bible! Ahmed Deedat was so good that thousands of Christians converted to Islam from hearing his debates and lectures. Although Ahmed Deedat Passed away (August 2005), his legacy still carries on. He was a man who was dediated to spreading the truth of Islam and doing Dawah (Islamic Preaching) to everyone. In fact he inspired me to create this site! Here are links to his debates:
Was Jesus Crucified?
Is Jesus God? 
Muhammad in the Bible (Not a Debate, rather this is a lecture)
Nadir Ahmed Debates
Nadir Ahmed is a friend of mine. He runs his own site. He has debated several critics of Islam and has engaged in both written and formal debates. Although I do have some problems with his methods and his theology, he is a very good debater and knows Islam very well. Anyways here are links to his various debates:
Nadir Ahmed Vs. Richard Carrier
Nadir Ahmed Vs. Answering Islam Team
Nadir Ahmed Vs. Ali Sina
Nadir Ahmed Vs. Dennis Gireon
Sami Zarrati Debates
Sami Zarrati is another Muslim Debater. He runs his own site. He has debated critics of Islam such as David Wood and Sam Shamoun. Although he really isn’t a experienced debater (to be fair neither am I) he still has some good points. Here is a link to his debates:
Sami Zarrati Debates Links
Who Is Jesus
Ali Ataie Debates
Ali Ataie is another Muslim Apologetic and Debater. He isn’t really good in debating and his arguments are sort of weak. Anways Here are links to his debates (Links are from Youtube)
Was Muhammad a Prophet of God
Was Jesus Resurrected or Rescued?
Read a Muslim Review of Ali Ataie’s Debate with Christian apologetic David Wood here. (off site) 
Also Nadir Ahmed Also Debated  David Wood in 2006. You can hear the debate here.You can also read a brief review of the debate here.

Bassam Zawadi

Bassam runs the site Call To Anyways he's engaged in debates on various topics. Here are the links:

Is Islam True?
Is Christianity True
Has the Quran been preserved
Who is God and how are we saved?
Other Debates

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