Understanding Christianity 

Today there are over 20,000 Christian denominations. Within this diversity we can, of course, simplify these into a few major groups: 

-Roman Catholics 
-The Orthodox Churches (Mostly in East European countries and the Middle East) 
- The Protestant Churches 
- The Fringe Churches (Mormonism, Jevovahs Witnesses, etc) 

In this site, we'll refute the claims of Christians such as: 

- Why The Bible or any other Judeo-Christian Apocryphal or Mormon book is not the word of God 
- Why Jesus is not God, but a Prophet, Why Jesus was not resurrected or died by crucifixion 
- Refuting the Trinity 

What did the Earliest Christians really believe? What did the disciples of Jesus, Peter, James, etc believe about Jesus and his mission? Does Early Christianity agree with Islam's views about Jesus or disagree? Is Christianity a Jewish Sect or a new World Wide Religion? Ehteshaam Gulam attempts to answer those questions and traces and Islamic Trajectory in Early Christianity. Ehteshaam finds lots of evidence that supports the Islamic position of Jesus rather than the Christian position of Jesus.

                                           Ehteshaam Gulam (2008)

The Diversity of Christianity (2008)
In a special article written by my friend and former professor, Robert Holkerboer, This article shows the diversity of Christianityand the different early groups of Christians, some who believed Jesus as a human (which Islam teaches).