7 reasons Why Christianity is false

  Ehteshaam Gulam

I have already provided 7 pieces of Evidence as to why I believe Islam is true. Now here are 7 reasons why I believe Christianity is false. After my exams
I should be able to comment some more.

1) Nothing in Christianity is unique. It's all been done before. The Pre Christian Pagan Gods, Osiris and Inanna were also crucified and resurrected.

2) Christianity is different and foriegn to Judaism. Keep in mind that Judasim came much, much before either Christianity or Islam. In fact the Jews never heard of a trinity. The Hebrew Bible says that God is One (Isiah 43:10-11), they never heard of Original Sin (See Ezikiel 18:18-20), etc The Bible says

3) We don't know who wrote the Gospels. We don't know when they were written or where they were written for sure.

4) The Gospels contain historical errors, contradictions, fictional forms, paganistic beliefs, impossible narratives, etc Moreover Christianity for the first 300 years
was very diverse. As Bart Ehrman has noted, there were all kinds of Early Christian groups, Churches, etc which were very different from one another in regards to Jesus divinity and even
his crucifixion.

5) No Historian mentions the alleged resurrection of Jesus. In fact if we throw out Joesphus and Taticus (Scholars have shown that Joesphus
is a fabrication and that we don't know where Taticus got his information from) no Historian in the entire 1st Century metions Jesus.

6). Paul never met the historical Jesus. Paul never quotes anything Jesus said. Paul seems completely unaware of Jesus life and teachings. Moreover
its possible that Paul was an epileptic.

7). The Church Fathers don't provide an independent source for Jesus life. We don't know what their sources were. However they most certainly were not
connected to the disciples of Jesus. There is no hard evidence for this. Speaking about the disciples there is no evidence that they were martyerd for their
faith. The disciples did not die for their faith. None of the Gospels or Epistles mention anyone dying for their belief in the "physical" resurrection of Jesus.

So To my Christian friends, why are still Christian? Convert to Islam, and Submit yourself to the will of Allah-- the Only God who exists and the God of Abraham.

Find Your Submission. Find your Salvation. Find Islam.